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tysdayTyronica Smith, author of Bloggish @ bloggishone.wordpress.com, is 45 years old and knows the struggle of everything from divorce to mental illness’s “wtf” moments. She has been through it all and then some. She believes the sky is blue, water is wet, Jesus is real, and that without laughter and kindness – the world would be doomed. The current state of affairs just solidifies her own belief that there isn’t enough levity and love in the world.

Ty, as she likes to be called, lives in St. Louis, MO and is mother to two lovely children, Tyran (25) and Tieryn (20), grandmother to one rowdy little boy, Kai (1) and is the owner of one Bob Ross plushie which she calls “The Ross” (Ageless) – he is also her silent editor… every watchful… and always judging.

She is a prolific poet, unpublished novelist, and part time artist that needs creative outlets like she needs air. Her personal mantra and call to all people is “Be Good Humans” because she recognizes the need to do and be so. Blue is her favorite color, 25 is her lucky number, and she believes that tacos are the world’s greatest food… aside of pizza. Ty makes a mean jambalaya and jerk chicken meal. She is an expert at wit and humorous sarcasm, and enjoys philosophical conversations.

And has said enough! I will now turn it over to you, Greg.

Well, I’m the Greg she’s speaking of. I write under the name G Dean Manuel. I don’t know if I should still call myself a writer but that’s what I’m going to go with.

Honestly, the struggle has gotten me down. I’ve contended with homelessness, physical and mental ailments, work, etc… I just didn’t know if I would make it through it all.

But here I am.

I was born in the Phillippines, born to a Filipino mother and an American sailor. I came to America at a young age. Bounced around but eventually found myself in the Kansas City area. I’ve stayed here.

I’m a lover of video games and all things sci-fi fantasy. All things gaming-related, not just the video type. I love board games and role-playing games, though I have not had the opportunity to flex those creative muscles in a while. I also have been known to read though I’m enamored by the audio version for its ease of use. Especially with Alexa. 😉

I just turned 46, so won’t have to update that for a while.

I’m currently in a polyamorous relationship. I have no kids but she has five. That’s been a rough struggle as we come from very different backgrounds. I find that my parenting style is what I call lax authoritarian.

I’m a writer and poet. Though, I’m published as a writer and not so much as a poet. But I like to dabble. As for writing, I’m a multi-genre writer. I do love my sci-fi/fantasy. Seems to be what I keep coming back to write.

I’ve talked enough about myself, if you have any questions, you can always ask me directly.

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